Learn and Master Bibliographies, Works Cited, and References


Telling and showing are two very different things. Sometimes, it is better to lead by example. Having examples of several different styles and citations can be helpful in clarifying how you should be setting up your bibliography page and giving you the proper format for citations.

Why Use Examples

When you are setting up your bibliography, you could read the instructions over and over again but it doesn’t matter how many times you read it if it isn’t making sense. Having examples that show you the different formats for APA, MLA, Chicago and even Harvard can save you time. And time is precious whether you are a student or a professional. Especially if you are working on an essay that is due tomorrow.

Citation Examples

Different styles take on different formats. And sometimes, these formats only vary by a colon, period or slight placement. If you aren’t an expert, it is easy to get your MLA and APA citations all switched round. Just look at these two print book examples:

MLA: Smith, John, S. Journey Beyond. Fictionland: No one, 2018. 

Chicago: Smith, John. Journey Beyond. Fictionland: No one, 2018.

Seeing a visual example can help you to make sure you are citing your sources correctly.  

Examples of Types

Do you know what an annotated bibliography is? What about how to create one? Knowing the difference between a bibliography, annotated bibliography and works cited is just a click away. Having a visual can show you how the set up and information is slightly different for each one. For example, in an annotated bibliography example, you can see the format and what you might write. It can show you the information that is included as well.

How to Cite Legal sources in APA

If you’re using legal sources in your report and are trying to figure out how to fit them into your reference list, you’ll probably feel somewhat confused because, for the most part, APA follows The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation style. However, in some cases, you’ll still follow APA guidelines. Bluebook or APA APA recommends that references to legal materials, such as statutes, court...

APA Reference List: Periodical Examples

APA Reference List: Periodical Examples. 6th Edition Periodicals are materials that are published on a regular basis. For example, magazines, newsletters, journals may be published daily, weekly, monthly or other regularly scheduled dates. Periodicals follow a general reference form in APA with a few differences. Newspaper articles citations include the year of publication as well as the day;...

APA Book Reference Examples

APA Reference List Citation Examples Print Books BOOK (PRINT) One author Author, A.A. (2001). Title of work. Location: Publisher. Last Name of author, Initial first name, Initial middle name (if available). (Year of publication). Book title. Location: Publisher. Note: Title of book is in italics with first word capitalized only. Subtitles: Format the book title like this:  Book title: Subtitle of...

APA, MLA and, CMOS Footnote Referencing Styles

You’ve ventured into the wacky world of footnotes. Understanding which styles use them, when they use them and how to use them can have you scratching your head in confusion. Don’t fret! Learn all the different footnotes referencing styles, why you might use footnotes and how to use them through examples. Using Footnotes Footnotes are one way to make in-text citations. Similar to author-date or...

Standard Chicago/Turabian Bibliography Template

Creating a paper is a lot of work. However, before you can sit back and relax, you need to create a bibliography. The bibliography will list all the sources that you used in the creation of your work. Bibliographies are typically found in Chicago, Turabian and Harvard writing styles. Knowing Your Style Different styles use different citation pages. Chicago, Turabian and Harvard can use a...

Bibliography Examples for Students

It can be hard to know where to start when you are creating your bibliography. Are you creating the right margins? Is the formatting correct? Use examples to make sure that your bibliography is top-notch. It’s All a Bibliography Right? When it comes to a writing a bibliography, it can get confusing. This is because the word bibliography can have a double meaning when it comes to writing styles...

Preliminary Bibliography Examples

When you’re trying to get your project or research paper organized, it can be helpful to create a preliminary bibliography before jumping in head first. Not only will this help you to organize your research, but it’ll give you a good start on your paper. Preliminary bibs can also help you figure out which sources are keepers or duds. What Is a Preliminary Bibliography? After you hone down...

Easy APA Citation Page

Your professor requested APA format and your paper is done. Time to breathe easy right? What about your references page? You didn’t think to create that while you were writing your paper and now you are staring at it in horror. You have your references, but what should they look like? How should they be formatted? Check out a few examples to make sure you are doing it right. Bibliography vs...