Learn and Generate Bibliographies, Citations, and Works Cited


Telling and showing are two very different things. Sometimes, it is better to lead by example. Having examples of several different styles and citations can be helpful in clarifying how you should be setting up your bibliography page and giving you the proper format for citations.

Why Use Examples

When you are setting up your bibliography, you could read the instructions over and over again but it doesn’t matter how many times you read it if it isn’t making sense. Having examples that show you the different formats for APA, MLA, Chicago and even Harvard can save you time. And time is precious whether you are a student or a professional. Especially if you are working on an essay that is due tomorrow.

Citation Examples

Different styles take on different formats. And sometimes, these formats only vary by a colon, period or slight placement. If you aren’t an expert, it is easy to get your MLA and APA citations all switched round. Just look at these two print book examples:

MLA: Smith, John, S. Journey Beyond. Fictionland: No one, 2018. 

Chicago: Smith, John. Journey Beyond. Fictionland: No one, 2018.

Seeing a visual example can help you to make sure you are citing your sources correctly.  

Examples of Types

Do you know what an annotated bibliography is? What about how to create one? Knowing the difference between a bibliography, annotated bibliography and works cited is just a click away. Having a visual can show you how the set up and information is slightly different for each one. For example, in an annotated bibliography example, you can see the format and what you might write. It can show you the information that is included as well.

Annotated Bibliography Examples & Step-by-Step Writing Guide

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Chicago Anthology Examples

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Chicago Newspaper Citation Examples

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Footnote Referencing Styles

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Preliminary Bibliography Examples

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