Learn and Generate Bibliographies, Citations, and Works Cited


Creating a bibliography is all about citing the works that you used in your essay to back up your research. However, depending on the type of work that you created or what it’s for, your citations are going to be a bit different.

Citation Formats, Styles and Examples

Generally, most of your writing will fall into the big three writing styles: APA, MLA or CMOS. But, other styles, like the Turabian and Harvard, are also available.

American Psychological Association

One of the most common styles, APA is used for essays or research papers in education, psychology, social sciences, etc. Citing sources will look different depending on the source. A printed book would be sourced in APA like:

Author last name, First initial. (year of publication) Title of work. City, State Publisher: Publisher.

Modern Language Association

If your essay falls into the area of humanities or liberal arts, you might opt for the MLA format for citations. While there are several ways to cite a source, citing a printed book will look like:

Last name, First name, Middle initial. Title of book. Publication place: Publisher, Publication date: Print

Chicago Manual of Style/Turabian

Business and fine arts writers might use a different approach. The CMOS is a professional style that offers a variety of different ways to list your sources in a bibliography. The Turabian is a form of the Chicago style that is designed for essays that will not be published. A print book citation in CMOS will look like:

Last name, First name. Title of book. Publication place: Publisher, publication date.

Harvard Referencing System

The Harvard style is designed for informational texts and can be used for liberal arts or social sciences. Referencing a book looks like:

Last name, First initial. (Year Publication). Title of work. Edition. Place published: Publisher.

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