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Preliminary Bibliography Example


When you’re trying to get your project or research paper organized, it can be helpful to create a preliminary bibliography before jumping in head first. Not only will this help you to organize your research, but it’ll give you a good start on your paper. Preliminary bibs can also help you figure out which sources are keepers or duds. What Is a Preliminary Bibliography? After you hone down...

How to Do a Bibliography


You’ve been staring at that sample bibliography for 20 minutes and still don’t have any idea where to start. Stop staring and start creating. Making a bibliography isn’t as daunting if you break it down into steps. Most importantly, don’t forget about style. More Than Your Average Bibliography If you look in Webster’s dictionary, it basically states that a bibliography is a reference list that is...

How to Write a Bibliography for a School Project


Several school projects can include a research paper. Writing a paper for a school project can be a daunting task. Whether you are writing for college or high school, you need to keep track of the sources that you use and reference them at the end of your paper. The type of reference list or bibliography that you use will depend on you or your professor. What Is a Bibliography? The word...

APA vs MLA Citation Page


You’ve been looking over the different writing styles and noticed that MLA and APA are similar. Staring at the citation page, you really can’t see a difference between the two. While MLA and APA do have a lot of similarities in the citation pages, there are a few distinct differences that you’ll notice if you really look at them. MLA vs APA If you are comparing MLA and APA, it’ll come to...

Using Endnotes and a Bibliography


Your professor required that you create endnotes for your in-text citation. You’ve composed your endnote page beautifully. Now, you’re looking at creating the bibliography. But, why? Didn’t you cover everything in your endnotes. Learn the difference and similarities between a bibliography and endnotes. Find out when you’ll use each and why. Endnotes, Bibliography or Both Per the name...

Bibliography Rules and Guidelines


Your eyes are crossed. You haven’t showered in three days, but your paper is done. Pushing away from your computer, you breathe a much needed sigh of relief. That is until you realize that you haven’t created your bibliography. What’s your style again? How do you create it? Don’t worry. Your guide for all things bibliographical is ready to help. Not All Bibliographies Are Equal In the...

APA Citation Format Examples


Writing your paper was easy-peasy. You had the perfect sources, and everything reads great. Now it’s time to format your reference page. You’re looking at the books, web pages, PDFs, journals and magazines that you used. Formatting each one is slightly different. Break down the format that you should use by looking at a few different examples. Citation Rules There are rules that the...

Works Cited Page Example


Your paper is perfect! All your in-text quotes have a citation, the formatting is top-notch and you’re now breathing a sigh of relief. Until you realize you don’t have a works cited. Don’t lose your cool. You have the research and the paper, the works cited is a piece of cake. How to Do a Works Cited Page A works cited page is the last page of your MLA style paper. It’ll include your references...

Easy APA Citation Page


Your professor requested APA format and your paper is done. Time to breathe easy right? What about your references page? You didn’t think to create that while you were writing your paper and now you are staring at it in horror. You have your references, but what should they look like? How should they be formatted? Check out a few examples to make sure you are doing it right. Bibliography vs...

Turabian Style Citations and Bibliography


Your professor has told you to write your paper in Turabian style, but you’re clueless. You keep seeing this style and Chicago combined. Now you are really confused. Find your answers to what Turabian is and how it’s created. What Is Turabian Style? Turabian is a style covered under the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). The difference in these styles is who they are created for... Create and learn about bibliographies, citations and reference lists.