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Using Footnotes and Endnotes in the Same Essay

Sometimes you may notice a book or journal article with both footnotes and endnotes. Typically, a Chicago 17 school paper will not include both; however, if you are writing a research paper that has several notes that are dense (substantive notes), you may want these as footnotes, and then you can put your source citations in your bibliography.

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Difference Between Substantive and Citation Source Notes

Substantive notes are longer notes that add to the paper’s text. Many times, writers will add substantive notes to a paper to give additional background information, particularly in an historical context. If the background or additional information helps the reader understand the text, it may be added.

For example, a paper about Rosa Parks may include mention of Claudette Colvin; however, she is not as well known in the anti-segregation movement, so a substantive note may be included to provide that background information.

Citation source notes are used to show the source information, such as the author and publisher, without adding information. Although most notes also refer to a bibliographic entry, in some cases, the citation source notes stand on their own.

How to Document Substantive Notes

Student reviewing Footnotes and Endnotes

If you do include substantive notes as footnotes, you need to separate those from the source citations notes in the text. You do that by using different symbols for each.

Substantive footnotes are indicated at the bottom of the page, using an asterisk rather than a number for the first footnotes. If there is more than one footnote, use the dagger symbol to indicate the second one, and a double dagger symbol for the third one. Refer to the next section for how to format the symbols.

* † ‡

When you have more than three footnotes on one page, double the symbols for the fourth to sixth notes.

** †† ‡‡

Citation source notes are indicated in the text by the usual system of numbering the notes, using a superscript font. The corresponding notes are then numbered and placed at the end of the paper.

How to Create Footnote Symbols in Word

Make sure your num lock button is on.

Dagger SymbolHold down Alt and type in 0134
Double Dagger SymbolHold down Alt and type in 0135

You can also check out this cool website called CopyChar that provides special characters you can copy onto your clipboard for use. Do a search for dagger and both symbols will pop up.

Formatting Your Paper Correctly

Although it is unlikely you will need to include both footnotes and endnotes in your Chicago style format essay, it is acceptable, if needed. Follow your assignment rubric and ask your instructor if you need clarification on formatting your research paper.

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