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MLA Magazine Citation Format With Examples

Books are great, but they take a long time to publish. Most magazines are published weekly or monthly by reputable publishers. Bring current resources to your readers’ attention by including magazine articles in your MLA research paper. Learn how to create a magazine citation for your MLA humanities paper through easy to follow examples.

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How to Cite a Print Magazine in MLA

When it comes to making a magazine citation, remember MLA 8 style is designed to be flexible. It uses the container system, which consists of nine core elements, nested in containers. This allows the writer to design a citation source that emphasizes the important data. MLA citations for an article from a print magazine in your school report, follow this basic citation format.

Format for Citation for a Print Magazine Article in MLA

Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Periodical, Day Month Year, pp. xx-xx.


Add volume # and issue, if available.

Format for Citation for Print Magazine Article in MLA including Volume # and Issue

Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Periodical, vol., no., Day Month Year, pp. xx-xx.


Works Cited MLA Print Magazine Examples

Curry, Andrew. “World of the Griffin Warrior.” Archaeology, vol. 72, no. 5, Sept./Oct. 2019, pp. 24-31.

Gage, Eleni N. “Health & Wellness: Joy to Your World.” Martha Stewart Living, Dec. 2019, pp. 73-74.

Wightman, Catherine. “Exceeding Expectations.”Montana Outdoors, July-Aug. 2019, pp. 37-39.

Helpful Tips Citing Print Magazines:

  • Abbreviate the months.
  • Use the month and year, if the day is unknown.
  • Look for the issue number on the Contents page.
  • Not all magazines have issue numbers.
  • Place the title in the first element, if there is no author.


How to Cite a Magazine In-Text in MLA

For an in-text citation, use the author’s last name and page number; do not include a comma or period.

Format for In-Text Citations in MLA for a Print Magazine Article

(Author’s Last Name p. #)


MLA Magazine In-Text Citation Examples

(Curry 25)

(Gage 73)

(Wightman 38)

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Online Magazine Article Citation Format

When looking to cite a magazine quote from an online magazine article, include the URL if your teacher requires it. Do not include the “http://www.” portion of the full web address. Remember to include a period after the URL. Follow this format for online magazine citations.

Format for Online Magazine Article Citation in MLA

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article: Subtitle of Article.” Title of Magazine, Day, Month Year, URL.


Works Cited Online Magazine Article Example

Gillihan, Seth J. “5 Simple Ways to Manage Stress and Anxiety Every Day.” Psychology Today, 21, Nov. 2019, psychologytoday.com/us/blog/think-act-be/201911/5-simple-ways-manage-stress-and-anxiety-every-day.

Smith, Morgan. “5 Relaxation Techniques Everyone Needs.” People, 9, Sep. 2020, people.com/us/blog/5-relaxation-techniques-everyone-needs.

How to Create an Online Magazine In-Text Citation in MLA

For an online magazine citation in-text, you don’t have the page number. Therefore, you have to get a bit creative with your location information. In an online magazine, you can use the paragraph number.

MLA Online Magazine Article In-Text Citation Format

(Author’s Last Name par. #)


Online Magazine Article Citation In-Text Examples

(Gillihan par. 3)

(Smith par. 5)

MLA online magazine citation example

How to Cite a Magazine Article With Unknown Author

Whether you have an online or printed magazine article citation, you might come across a situation where the author isn’t listed. Sometimes, it might even say “staff article.” First, don’t panic. This is why MLA made the container system in the first place. When you don’t have an author, move to the next core element, the title.

MLA Magazine Citation Format for No Author

“Title of Article.” Title of Periodical, vol., no., Day Month Year, URL, or pp. xx-xx.


Online Magazine Article Citation No Author Example – Works Cited

“Watching the Stock Market.” Business Weekly, 9 Sept. 2020, businessweekly.com/us/blog/watching-stock-market.

Online Magazine Article Citation No Author Example – In-Text

For the in-text citation, use the first few words of the magazine in quotation marks.

(“Watching Stocks” par. 5)

Magazine Articles Add Interest

These MLA magazine article citation examples show you how to add interesting information to your humanities school report. Magazines such as National Geographic, Archaeology, and History Today add reliable sources to your research. Using magazine articles helps guide you to other research sources, such as journals, as well. Take a look at print magazines available in your school or public library for some ideas.

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FAQ MLA Magazine Citation Format With Examples

How do you cite a magazine in MLA format?

To cite a magazine in MLA format, you use the MLA 9 core elements, including the author, title, periodical title, volume, issue, date, and pages or URL. An example of a magazine citation in MLA format looks like:
Dorne, Mike. "Running Low." Psychology Today, July-Aug. 2019, pp. 53-56.

How do you cite a magazine quote?

To cite a magazine quote within your article, you need to include an in-text citation, consisting of the author and page number. You do not include a comma in an in-text MLA citation. An example of an in-text MLA magazine citation looks like:
(Dorne 56)

How do you cite in MLA format?

To cite in MLA format, you use the MLA nine core elements. The first two elements are the author and title. Elements three through nine are the different container elements. For example, a magazine article citation in MLA format includes the author, title, periodical title, volume (if available), issue (if available), date information, and pages or URL.

How do you cite a magazine image in MLA?

To cite a magazine image in MLA format, you use the same method you do for a magazine quote. Therefore, you include the author of the photography if listed, the title of the photograph, the publication it was published in, volume and issue, if available, the date of the image publication, and the page number or URL.

How do you cite an online article in MLA?

To cite an online article in MLA from a magazine, you follow the format for a typical magazine citation. However, you include the URL rather than the page numbers. An online magazine citation in MLA looks like:
Fox, Mike. “The Need for Relaxation.” People, 10, Sep. 2020, people.com/us/blog/the-need-for-relaxation.

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