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MLA Citations for TV Shows Examples

Using MLA 8 citations for TV shows adds depth and context to your research. Many television show producers bring social justice issues to the public’s attention. Popular shows such as Fresh Off the Boat and Black-ish highlight racism in everyday life. Other shows, such as the updated version of One Day at a Time, use comedy to showcase the struggles of single mothers. Learn how to cite a TV show in MLA using examples.

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How to Format MLA Citations for TV Shows 

When citing a TV show as part of your paper, include the contributors you feel are most important or relevant to your research. For instance, use “adapted by,” “produced by” and/or “directed by” before the contributor’s name. If you are discussing a particular actor, use “performance by.” You may include as many contributors and roles as you feel are relevant.

Format – Works Cited

“Title of Episode.” Title of Show, contributor role by First Last Name, season, episode, Studio, Year.

Format – In-Text Citation

(“Short Episode Title”)

When referencing a particular segment, you may choose to include the time code as part of your MLA in-text citation.

(“Short Episode Title” Start Time – End Time)

Example – Works Cited

“Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun.” Black-ish, narrated by Anthony Anderson, performance by Tracee Ellis Ross, season 2, episode 2, ABC, 30 Sept. 2015.

Example – In-Text Citation


(“Rock” 00:11:17 – 00:12:01)

MLA Citations for TV Shows Online

Students making MLA citations for TV shows examples

Many streaming services, such as Netflix, produce their own television shows. If you’re referencing an episode you watched online, include the URL. Ask your teacher about whether you should also include the access date.

Works Cited Format

“Title of Episode”. Title of Show, contributor role by First Last Name, season, episode, Studio, Year, URL.

In-Text Citation Format

(“Short Episode Title”)

(“Short Episode Title” Start Time – End Time)

Example – Works Cited

“Nosedive.” Black Mirror, created by Charlie Booker, season 3, episode 1, House of Tomorrow, 2016, www.netflix.com/title/70264888.

Example – In-Text Citation


(“Nosedive” 00:14:27 – 00:21:02)

  • Place commas between the elements in the container.
  • Do not include http:// or https:// as part of the URL.
  • Use either the year or the day month year, depending on your source.
  • Place a period at the end of the citation entry, even after a URL.


MLA Citation Format Flexibility

A user-friendly citation style, MLA 8 grants flexibility to the writer in creating source entries. As you write your works cited entries, follow the nine core elements within the container system. This system allows you to design your entries to focus on critical elements of your paper. For example, if you’re writing about the director, you’ll want to place their name as the first element. However, if you’re writing about Hispanic actors, place the names of the actors in the first element. Using the MLA citation system is a good way to become familiar with writing source entries.

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