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Easy APA Citation Page

Your professor requested APA format, and your paper is done. Time to breathe easy, right? What about your APA reference page? You didn’t think to create an APA citation page while you were writing your paper, and now you are staring at it in horror. You have your references, but what should they look like? How should they be formatted? Learn how to use Bibliography.com’s citation generator to create your APA citation page quickly.

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APA Citation Page: Using a Citation Generator

When it comes to setting up an easy APA 7 citation page, it doesn’t get any easier than using a citation generator like Bibliography.com. Why? Because they take all the formatting work away from you to create citation pages in minutes. Now, learn the steps to using Bibliography.com’s citation generator.

Step 1: Set Up Your Easy APA Citation Page

To start your APA reference page, you need to go to the Bibliography.com citation generator. You’ll also need to have a general list of the sources you used to create your paper. Once you’ve done those two things, follow these steps

Hit ‘Start New Bibliography’ in the left middle of the page.

bibliography.com how to make citation

  • Next, click ‘My First Bibliography’ to bring up the ‘Edit Bibliography’ window.
  • Set the title of your paper.
  • Select the dropdown and choose the style (APA).
  • Add your description. Setting your description can be helpful to you when going back to your saved citation pages.
  • Hit ‘Save.’ 

title style description citation generator

Step 2: Create Your Citation

To start creating your citations, you’ll hit ‘Add New Citationbibliography.com how to make citationSelect Your Source.

1. Select your type of citation (web, book, journal, movie, song, newspaper, encyclopedia, dictionary, or chapter).
2. Type your title in the search bar. For example, if you need a book, type the book into the search bar. If you have a specific website, type that into the search bar.
3. Click ‘SEARCH.’
bibliography.com how to make citation

Check the formatting and add any additional information. Select Cite!bibliography.com how to make citation

Continue making citations as needed for your sources.

citation generator next citation

Step 3: Create a Manual Citation

If you can’t find the citation you need on search, you can enter it in manually. This is helpful because the generator still keeps the formatting for you. Additionally, there are handy boxes for you to add in the information you need for your source type. To make a manual citation:

Select ‘Add New Citation‘ then select ‘Enter Manuallydirections for manual citation generator

Select the type of citation you are creating. For example, for a webpage, choose ‘Webpage.’directions for manual citation generator

Add in your information. Hit ‘Cite!‘.directions for manual citation generator

Step 4: Creating Your APA Reference Page

One of the best things about a citation generator is the fact that they create your citations in the style you need quickly. However, another great feature of the generator is they do the formatting as well. Therefore, your citations are automatically placed in alphabetical order, per your guideline. To get your citations into your APA reference page, you have two options.

If you’ve already created a reference page in your document, you can hit ‘Copy All + Paste.’ This button copies all the citations for you, so you can paste them into your document.

You also have the option of choosing ‘Export.’ Export can do two things, either copy and paste or download into MS Word.

create works cited page citation generator

Example of downloading to MS Word.
create works cited page citation generator

Step 5: Check Your Formatting

Once you get your citations into your document, remember the reference page in APA needs to follow a specific format. The basic rules include:

  • All entries should be in alphabetical order.
  • Include a ½ inch hanging indent after the first line of the reference.
  • For titles, only capitalize the first word.
  • Journal titles need to include the full title.
  • Journal titles by the same author should be listed from oldest to newest.
  • Use a readable font like Time New Roman in 12 pt.
APA reference page tips
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Making Your Easy APA Citation Page

Creating a citation page can have you hyperventilating, especially when you look at all the different rules. Having an example to look at can make sure you get it right the first time and every time. And if you need a little more help on your APA paper, check out the APA formatting rules.

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FAQ Easy APA Citation Page

How do you make an APA reference page?

To make an APA reference page, you can use a citation generator or create your citations manually. When creating your citations manually, you need to follow all the sourcing rules laid out by the APA manual for books, websites, plays, etc. Generally, an APA citation includes the author, date, title, and location. Additionally, you will title your reference page 'References,' have a running page number, double-space everything on the page, and include a hanging indent for citations that go over 1 line.

How do you make a citation?

To make a citation in APA format, you need the author, date, title, and location of your individual source. Therefore, for a book citation, this would look like:
Austen, J. (1918). Pride and prejudice. New York Press.

How do you do APA format?

To create a paper in APA format, you need to follow the formatting rules, including double spacing, 1-inch margins, author-date in-text citations, and creating a reference page. Additionally, APA has specific rules for how you layout your reference citations depending on the source you are using. Generally, reference citations include the author, date, title, and location of the source.

Does APA have a citation page?

Yes, APA does have a citation page. The citation page is title 'References' and includes 1-inch margins on all four sides of the paper. The entire citation page is left-aligned, and any citations going beyond the first line have a hanging indent.

What does APA format look like?

The look of an APA format paper is unique to the APA Manual of Style. However, an APA format paper includes 1-inch margins on all sides, double spacing, a title page, in-text citations using author-date, and a reference page. Every aspect of the document has distinct guidelines that are laid out by APA.

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