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APA Magazine Article Citation Examples

Do you need an APA magazine citation fast for your reference page? Citing a magazine in APA isn’t as hard as you think. And, magazines offer a current viewpoint of newly discovered research results. Now it’s time to learn how to make an APA magazine citation using the article title, magazine, and publication year.

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APA Magazine Citation for Print

Magazines are phenomenal resources for your APA paper, but APA magazine citations can get a bit tricky if you aren’t using an APA citation generator. However, the APA style is here to hold your hand. The creation of your magazine citation depends on the number of authors and the frequency of the publication. The basic structure for APA magazine citations for one author looks like:

Author, A. A. (year, Month day). Title of the article. Title of Periodical, xx, pp-pp.

labeled example APA print magazine citation

Note: Remember that the article title is in sentence case and does not go in quotation marks. The magazine title should be in title case and italicized in APA citations. Additionally, in the 7th edition of APA format, the way you format a weekly, monthly, and yearly magazine is the same.


APA Magazine Citing Example

Bottoms, L. (2020, July 5). Building community, offering hope. Ministering to Women. 24.

Finding APA Citation Information for Magazines

Finding the information you need to make a print magazine citation in APA is easy if you know where to look. The magazine and publication date are on the cover, while article specific information like title and author are found on the pages of the article.

find APA print magazine information

APA Magazine Citation With More Than One Author

In the 7th edition of APA format, they upped the number of authors you include in an APA citation. Therefore, if the magazine article has more than one author, use an ampersand (& symbol) before the final author.

APA Citation Format for a Print Magazine With More Than One Author

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (year, Month day). Title of the article. Title of Periodical, xx, pp-pp.


APA Magazine Citation Multiple Author Examples

Marshall, L., & Beneroch, R. (2019, January/February). Surgical solution? WebMD. 54.

Knoth, D., & Cederblom, T. (2020, September 9). Who is the one: Women stepping out in relational evangelism. Ministering to Women. 20.

Note: While it will probably never happen, if you come across a magazine article with more than 20 authors, you list the first nineteen, then three ellipses (…), and the last author.


APA Magazine Citation – No Author

When the magazine article has no listed author, start the APA magazine citation entry with the article title.

No Author Magazine Citation Examples

As rationing begins, Cuba braces for economic impact from the Venezuela crisis. (2019, May 27). Time. 13.

Next generation leaders. (2019, May 27). Time, 193 (20). 38-49.

How to Cite a Magazine Found Online in APA

Who needs a print magazine when you can find them online? Citing an online magazine in APA is similar to a print magazine article. However, you include the URL. Additionally, online magazines don’t have a volume, issue, or page numbers, so that you can omit these elements.

Author, A.A. (Publication year, Month Day). Title of the article. Title of Periodical. https://www.xxxxx.com

find citation information online magazine APA

Online APA Magazine Citing Examples

Fagan, A. (2018, November 6). Bypassing the blood-brain barrier. Psychology Today. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/articles/201811/bypassing-the-blood-brain-barrier

McNamara, A. (2019, October 28). Modern humans can be traced back near Zambezi River in Botswana, study finds. Science Focus. https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/modern-humans-can-be-traced-back-near-zambezi-river-in-botswana-study-finds/

Cite a Magazine Article in APA In-Text

While it’s essential to get your reference citations correct, it’s just as important to know how to cite a magazine article in-text in APA correctly. In APA, you use the author-date style, so include the author and date of the magazine in your magazine parenthetical citations.

APA Magazine Citation In-Text Example

(Haseltine, 2018)

APA Magazine Citation In-Text Example No Author

(Next Generation Leaders, 2019)

How to Cite an Entire Magazine in APA

When creating a citation for a magazine in APA, you’re typically going to cite the article from the magazine you used rather than the entire periodical itself. Therefore, you’ll follow the basic APA magazine citation format.

Tips For Citing a Magazine in APA
  • Look for the volume and issue number on the content page of the magazine
  • Not all magazines have volume and issue numbers. So, leave them off the citation if they’re not available
  • Include “The,” “A” or “An” if they are part of the official title of the magazine
  • Do not add a period after the website address


APA Magazine Citing Made Easy

Magazine citations aren’t so hard. This is especially true when APA gives you all the tools to be successful in creating your APA magazine citations. If you want to take the work out of making citations, then you can always choose to try a citation generator.

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FAQ APA Magazine Article Citation Examples

How do you cite a magazine?

To cite a magazine article in APA, you need to include the author, date, title, publication, and page number. The title is in sentence case when creating an APA magazine citation. For example:
Garrett, L. (2020, August 5). Building a better community. Ministering to Women. 30.

How do you cite periodicals in APA format?

To cite a periodical in APA format, you need to include the author's last name, first initial, middle initial, date, the title of article, publication, and possibly the URL. The citation for a periodical is the same format you follow for a magazine. A periodical citation looks like:
Author, A. (year, Month day). Title. Publication. Pages.

How do I cite an electronic magazine in APA?

To cite an electronic magazine in APA, you follow the same format you used for a print magazine with the author, date, title, and publication. However, rather than including an issue or a volume, you include the URL. An example of an online magazine citation looks like:
Author, A. (year, Month day). Title. Publication. URL

How do you in text cite a magazine title?

To cite a magazine article in text, you include the author and date of the publication. If there is no listed author of the magazine article, you include the title of the publication. An example of an in-text magazine citation looks like:
(Author, date)

How do you cite an issue?

To cite the issue of a magazine, you include the issue number after the title and before the page numbers. This looks like:
Author, A. (year, Month day). Article title. Title of Periodical, Issue, pp-pp.

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