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Citing a PowerPoint Presentation in MLA


PoweCiting a Point Presentation in MLA

It’s pretty common these days to have a slideshow presentation in a meeting or classroom lecture. These visuals help the listeners view graphs and follow along with the lecturer. It also makes it a little easier to take notes, or you may end up with a printout of the slides so you don’t even have to take notes. Many times, presentations are uploaded to websites for later viewing.

Lectures are considered primary sources and you may find useful sources within the Works Cited slide. The Works Cited slide is usually the last slide of the presentation and is formatted the same as it would be for a research paper allowing for a smaller size. MLA uses a Works Cited page rather than a bibliography or references list.

Citing PowerPoint Presentations

If your instructor presented the PowerPoint slide show during your regular classroom time, cite the source as a lecture:

In-Text Citation


Works Cited


Instructor’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Lecture.” Title of Course, Date of lecture, Location. Lecture.


Torres, Javier. “Adam Smith and the’Bible of Capitalism’.” Philosophy 101. 26 May 2018. Highlands University. Lecture.


If you accessed the PowerPoint presentation at a later date or outside of the classroom, use this format.

In-Text Citation


(Torres, slide 3)


If you don’t know the slide number, you may leave it out.


Works Cited Format

As you create your works cited list, you will need to include any lectures or meeting notes. You’ll use the instructor’s name and the title of the course in the entry and then add the type of presentation such as Prezi or PowerPoint.

Instructor’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of PowerPoint Presentation.” Title of Course, Date of PowerPoint presentation, Location of presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Torres, Javier. “Adam Smith: Bible of Capitalism.” Philosophy 101, 26 May 2018, Highlands University, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


If created by another slide show presentation software product such as Prezi, use that instead.

Note: Use the date of access if the presentation is undated. It’s optional.


Although lectures are primary sources and can be used to back up your research, it is better to use other sources like published peer-reviewed articles and books.

Preparing A Presentation

If you are preparing a research-based PowerPoint presentation, make sure you include a Works Cited slide and proper in-text citations. PowerPoint, Prezi and other slide show software is a fun and interesting way to inform your readers about your MLA school essay.  Slide shows can be converted easily into videos and posted on YouTube and other servers.

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