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Creating Notes-Biblio Entries for Magazines and Newspaper Articles


Using magazine and news articles in your school research paper shows variety in your bibliography. Articles are shorter in length and found online easily, although you may wish to visit your library in person. Bringing a full-length book to print takes time and by the time a book is published, there may be updates to the research. Journal articles are published faster; however, it does take time to go through the peer-reviewing and publishing process. Magazines are usually published at least monthly and newspapers daily or weekly. Online articles are published quickly as well.

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Citing Magazines

Creating bibliographical entries for your magazine articles in simple. Just keep in mind, the nine basic elements you’ll gather during your research phase. Format magazine articles the same as you created your journal article entries. However, one big difference is the way you format dates and page numbers.


Place the title of the article within quotation marks while the title of the magazine is italicized. You do not need to include page numbers, but you do need to have the full date in the entry.

Fitzpatrick, Alex. “Everything You Need to Know about 5G.” Time Magazine, May 23, 2019.


If you’ve accessed the article online, add the URL. If you feel the readers’ comments are relevant to your paper, format them as comments on blog posts.

Creating Notes-Biblio Entries for Newspapers

You may cite newspaper articles in your notes section or weave them into the text of your research paper. Like social media posts and blogs, you include a bibliography citation only if you feel the articles contributes to your argument.

If you do create an entry in your bibliography, you may omit “The” in the newspaper’s title. Also, omit page numbers.

Do include an URL for newspaper articles accessed online. If you accessed the article in a database, include that name.

As with magazine articles, enclose the title of the article in quotation marks, and italicize the name of the magazine. Include the date.


Roan, Shair. “Revising the Book on Mental Illness; Experts Call for Listing Binge Eating and Gambling as Official Disorders, but not Sex Addiction or Obesity.” Los Angeles Times, February 10, 2010.


Using articles gives relevancy to your research paper.  Mix up your research with a variety of sources, both in print and online. However, do not rely too heavily on lighter sources such as magazine and newspaper articles. Using print books and journal articles provides substance to your research paper even accessing those sources through online databases or the web.

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